Business Life Session | What The Flowers

WTF is up and running on the world wide web! WTF is your local kick ass florist who owns What The Flowers! This is not your standard floral shop, WTF describes themselves as a one of kind, locally owned, home based, No Bullshit Florist. Victoria the owner and designer of WTF was in the works of setting up her website and needed images that truly showcased the unique style of What the Flowers. So, she booked a work life session with yours truly; and who could resist a morning of music, friends, and flowers. These sessions invites us to a world you might not always see. One that allows me to go behind the scenes to document the details and passion of one of our local artists at work. So, take a moment and check out her website and find out WTF is all about. You can also take a sneak peak into her world through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And finally check out Victoria's kick ass blog! Holy heck can this chica write! I absolutely love how her personality just pours into words!