Birthday Portraits | Greater Sacramento Area

Dearest Son,

Today you are FOUR. And for these past four years you have been my calm amongst the storm. A quiet confidence and gentleness; yet, a matter of fact presence about yourself. You skipped the terrible twos and threenager stage. Although, lately your sense of independence is growing stronger. And you beam with pride when you complete those tedious everyday tasks, "all my self" as you would say. You are my outdoor child who loves to be near home. Exploring the neighborhood and learning to ride your bike. You are an observer of life and are always showing me the world through your eyes. There is a serious side to you that is balanced out with your sweet, goofy side. You place your hands on my cheeks and still give me kisses, just because.  All year, your favorite word is banana. We started a silly game where you will say goodnight banana and I respond with a different fruit like apple. We would go back and forth with different names and for some reason banana stuck. So everyone seems to be a banana, banana head, or banana goo-goo ga-ga. Brushing your teeth as never been a hassle. And you Iove to get your hair cut. As soon as your hair grows out just a touch, you tell me, "Mama I need a haircut, my hair too long". You will sit so patiently in the barber chair and perfectly still the entire time. And the hot towel at the end seems to be your favorite part. While your favorite bro-bro is Dominic, you and DJ always have fun together. You love your time at school and are learning so much. You can count in both English and Spanish. Aqua seems to have forever replaced the word water. Everywhere we go you are pointing out the letters of the alphabet and practice writing them on your own. You are able to spell and write your first name and just started to ask how to spell Mommy, Dominic, and DJ. Dr. Suess books (Green Eggs and Ham, 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Blue Fish, and Cat and Hat) are always a big hit for a bedtime story. We also like, When you Give a Mouse a Cookie. You will even finish some of the sentences in the story as I read the book. Every night you prefer to cuddle with me, and must have Dad right next to you.

And everyday, I wonder how did I get so lucky to have you as my son! Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy!