In-Home Newborn Session | Greater Sacramento Area

Part 1: October babies are pretty awesome!!! So awesome that baby brother gets to share his birthday month with his older siblings. He was just a bundle of such sweet calmness during the whole session. Which was a perfect blend to offset the energy of the twins. The newborn photo shoot landed on their birthday- so, naturally, they were a bit excited. There is something about the third kid that just throws your world into a tailspin. But don't worry Mama, you will find your footing sooner than you realize. All the pieces will fall into place; so sit back and enjoy the ride. Take a deep breath and embrace this phase in life. This is one lucky little guy. Mom and Dad are guys are amazing parents!

I can't wait to see the amazing bond that will form between his big brother and sister. He really has the best of both worlds. And no matter how close the twins are with one another; they will each hold a hand out and welcome baby brother into their world. I know it is not always easy, especially juggling the three kid routine. But remember to stop running around for just a moment and quietly sit back. Don't forget to see all the wondrous detail of our everyday moments. It really is quite amazing!