Hi everyone! I'm finally here writing my first blog. Honestly, I am a bit (a lot) nervous posting, as I do not consider myself much of a writer. So, please bear with me through this treacherous journey as I continue to blog my photo sessions. One day this whole writing piece gets easier, right? 

As a mother to three boys, life can be a bit rambunctious, wild and crazy. Our world is full of energy, personality and sass.  In order to capture each of their unique charming personalities, I naturally fell into Lifestyle Photography with a dash of Documentary feel. Photography gave me a voice when I felt my words had fallen short. Capturing not just a pretty picture but a moment in time, a memory. An image that will provoke emotion and stir up all of your senses. My approach to the way I capture my family is the same approach I have when capturing yours. From my heart to yours, I strive to capture the very essence of your family's love, connections and moments together. 

Old Sacramento, Summers, Family Date Nights, and a little glimpse into the life with my three little muses. Love Always, Katrina.