I’m taking a poll! All those in favor of New Year Resolutions raise your hand 🙋🏻‍♀️. Those not in favor, Party on Wayne!

For me, I’m totally partying on with Wayne!

I’ve never been big into resolutions, (like most of us, I never follow thru.) However, in 2018, I decided to give the “Word of the Year” a try. The idea behind this mantra is to choose one word that will help bring clarity toward your goals. A word that allows you fall back on during the hard times. And a word that becomes your driving force to accomplishing those goals you set for the New Year.

Before I jump right into what my word will be for 2019, first I would like to share a recap to my 2018 Power Word:

🔥I’m calling it. My power word for 2018 is DETERMINED! It's not easy raising businesses and babes. And for me, in-between all of that, I still work full time at my "day job". ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

✨But, I'm determined to feed into my business. To step up my hustle and think outside of the box. To overcome the challenges of the everyday chaos. And to allow my business to flourish this year!

And boy oh boy was 2018 full of new challenges. The word DETERMINED was exactly what I needed to get through the year. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. And instead of my business flourishing it was actually set on the back burner. Not in a bad way- it was necessary to allow new opportunities and abundance of challenges to come my way. Visualizing my Power Word was my driving force that allowed me to personally flourish and now I’m ready to sit down and choose my word for the New Year. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When deciding my Power Word in 2018 several words just seems to stand out in my mind. Since the whole idea of it is to only choose one word- I took a moment and reflected on what it is about these words and how they impact the different areas in my life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I narrowed it down to one word that fit my life the most. Looking back to this year’s Power Word, I was pretty vague on how the word impacted my life. I only had one focus and that was to see my business flourish. At the time I didn’t realize how the word would be less about achieving one goal and more about an anchor to guide you through your life, passion, personal growth for the year.

Hindsight is always 20/20, right? So, when choosing my 2019 Power Word I’m going to take a look back and reflect on the past year. This will help give me some insight to where I want to go for the new year in 2019.

Alight Y’all it’s time to share my Power Word for 2019. Because we all know it ain’t true until we write it down!🔥STRENGTH

This year’s focus is on strength: physically, mentally, and heck even spiritually.

Over the past several years, my physical strength has taken a major toll. My clothes aren’t fitting the same, I feel sooo sluggish, and mentally drained. I’ve known it for awhile but there needs to be a change. What I was doing or lack of doing just isn’t cutting it anymore. With all of that combined can make one absolutely miserable.

So, the middle of November I made a phone call and signed up for a personal trainer. Because sometimes, the strongest thing you can do is to ask for help! I was tired of tearing up my body and not seeing any positive results. Plus, I knew I’m going to need the extra accountability to get through the weeks I want to quit. ⠀⠀

Just a few weeks later I knew my Power Word for 2019 would have be strength. The word was blaring at me from rooftop. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This is going to be way more than a weight loss or fitness journey. This is not only about feeling physically stronger but, building a stronger version of me from the inside out.

Backyard Adventures | Greater Sacramento Area

The goats are back!!!! 

While the goats were grazing on the job, it created the perfect moment for what I call a little backyard adventure. So, after a late nap for the babe, we had just enough light left in the day. We jumped in the truck and drove down the street to visit out little goat friends. Our adventure only lasted for about 20 minutes. But don't let the time full you! Life is grand in the smallest moments. Days later and we are still talking about the goats. Especially, the little black and white goat that Jack called, "Cow Goat". 

So, don't always wait for the big adventures! Find the small moments in your day, travel just down the street and have yourself a little BackYard adventure!!!!!

In-Home Lifestyle Session | Greater Sacramento Area

Part Two: I know, I know- I'm a little behind on blogging. This part two was supposed to be posted way before 2017 wrapped up. But here I am, almost halfway through the month of January; and what!?! Did you just say it's 2018? You're kidding, right? Ha, Ha I knew that- I swear I'm not still signing my checks as 2017. Ok, ok jokes aside. Let's take this blog back a few months to these adorable October Babies! (If you want to see Part One just scroll down below or click here!)

Baby brother's photo shoot landed on the twin's birthday. So naturally, I snuck in a little photo shoot to document this milestone. Birthday donuts, hanging out, jumping on the bed, outside with bubbles, and dancing in the kitchen. I'm pretty sure this sums up a perfect birthday morning. Little ones are naturally candid, a little show-offy and perfectly entertaining for me! It is the small moments I love capturing the most. There are details within the moment that take an ordinary photograph and brings it to life. Connection, movement, and emotion are my driving force behind in home lifestyle sessions. 

One of my biggest wishes for my clients now and in the future is to embrace life, embrace it with all that it has to offer. The chaos, the mess; one day you will look back to find the beauty of it all. I just want to let you know that I know it's not always easy. That I have been there before, actually three different times. And with all boys, I'm pretty sure this is what it's like to live in a FRAT house! I have seen the worst of the worst, but I also know the best of the best. Because motherhood takes us to both of those extremes, even sometimes, all in one breath.  So please breathe easy, Mama enjoy every moment of it! 

In-Home Newborn Session | Greater Sacramento Area

Part 1: October babies are pretty awesome!!! So awesome that baby brother gets to share his birthday month with his older siblings. He was just a bundle of such sweet calmness during the whole session. Which was a perfect blend to offset the energy of the twins. The newborn photo shoot landed on their birthday- so, naturally, they were a bit excited. There is something about the third kid that just throws your world into a tailspin. But don't worry Mama, you will find your footing sooner than you realize. All the pieces will fall into place; so sit back and enjoy the ride. Take a deep breath and embrace this phase in life. This is one lucky little guy. Mom and Dad are guys are amazing parents!

I can't wait to see the amazing bond that will form between his big brother and sister. He really has the best of both worlds. And no matter how close the twins are with one another; they will each hold a hand out and welcome baby brother into their world. I know it is not always easy, especially juggling the three kid routine. But remember to stop running around for just a moment and quietly sit back. Don't forget to see all the wondrous detail of our everyday moments. It really is quite amazing!

Dave's Pumpkin Patch | Greater Sacramento Area

October kicks off our favorite place to be for the month; Dave's Pumpkin Patch. Located on a little country road, you will find a family owned farm full of pumpkins, food and a whole lot of fun! Wagon rides, hay rides, and even pony rides- we explored it all. Lucky for us, Vierra Farms, is practically in our backyard! Which means we get to stop by a few times during the month. Of course, the first trip was the traditional picking of the pumpkins! Second, Jack had the annual preschool field trip. The little ones had a blast on Dave's famous jumping pillow! And lastly, we snuck one more visit to get our grub on and to scare the bejeebus out of us walking through the Haunted Corn Maze! It's hard to believe Halloween is already here and Dave's Pumpkin Patch is closed for the year. However, if you don't want to wait all year to check out Vierra Farms, mosey on over after Thanksgiving for some hot cocoa, a warm fire to sit by, and a beautiful array of Dave's Xmas Trees to pick from. Don't forget to bring the marshmallows!  

Business Life Session | What The Flowers

WTF is up and running on the world wide web! WTF is your local kick ass florist who owns What The Flowers! This is not your standard floral shop, WTF describes themselves as a one of kind, locally owned, home based, No Bullshit Florist. Victoria the owner and designer of WTF was in the works of setting up her website and needed images that truly showcased the unique style of What the Flowers. So, she booked a work life session with yours truly; and who could resist a morning of music, friends, and flowers. These sessions invites us to a world you might not always see. One that allows me to go behind the scenes to document the details and passion of one of our local artists at work. So, take a moment and check out her website www.whattheflowers.net and find out WTF is all about. You can also take a sneak peak into her world through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And finally check out Victoria's kick ass blog! Holy heck can this chica write! I absolutely love how her personality just pours into words! 

Mommies Hiring Mommies | Empower: Be a Badass Retreat

This year, Mommies Hiring Mommies hosted their first full weekend retreat. Empower: Be a Badass Retreat kicked off with an amazing reception of network and a specialized mastermind event. During our weekend we experienced eight brilliant speakers who are leaders in their industry. As the retreat wrapped up many of the Mommies Hiring Mommies community explored their true story, developed their why, and learned how to tie those revolutions into their own business to catapult greatness. Beyond business, our relationships within the community strengthened and new lifelong friendships began. I had the honor not only to attend the retreat but to capture the moments and memories from this amazing weekend.  As you look through these images and wonder how you can be apart of such an amazing tribe of Mama entrepreneurs click HERE! Also, you can find them on Facebook right HERE!

In-Home Newborn Session | Greater Sacramento Area

Dearest Sister, 

I am so excited to see you grow into this next chapter of your life. Motherhood will challenge you in ways you never could expect- it will bring you to your highest of highs and lowest of lows. This journey is full of joy, excitement and yet completely terrifying and frustrating- all in one crazy roller coaster of a ride. There will be times that you might feel lost and alone. Full of doubt and just plain scared. But fear not sister- for you are surrounded by family and friends to share this very experience with. On the flip side, you will be filled with so much love, joy, and pride that you are going to feel as if your heart could burst into a million pieces. In either the most joyous of moments or the very saddest parts- and everything in between. Reach out to those around you. Quiet those voices that might cause you to doubt. And just love on this little girl of yours. Be patient and hold her close. You have gracefully entered into this journey we call "motherhood" . I can't wait to see you both explore this world together. There will be twists, turns and mountains to climb, but always remember that the view along the way- is breathtaking. 



8th Grade Portraits | Downtown Sacramento


"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears." - Mark Anthony

Where one waits with a bit of uncertainty. Somewhere between your childhood days, yet still years before your grown. Where the beauty of possibilities are endless.

Over the years this young lady's drive and passion for dance has yet to wither. Instead, with each practice, competition, and solo performed her passion continues to strengthen. Through the lens of my camera, I had the honor of capturing this moment in her life.

Midway into our lifestyle session, we switched focus from documenting her passion with dance, to grabbing a few portraits in her 8th grade graduation dress. I'm not going to lie, there might have been a tear or two swell up. Our first borns are growing up and they have now entered into the last remaining years of being children. 

This session is where an end of this chapter in her childhood will be forever documented. And a glimpse of the future that lies ahead can be seen in the photos captured below. Keep pursing your dreams, and never let the fire in your soul burn out. 


Birthday Portraits | Greater Sacramento Area

Dearest Son,

Today you are FOUR. And for these past four years you have been my calm amongst the storm. A quiet confidence and gentleness; yet, a matter of fact presence about yourself. You skipped the terrible twos and threenager stage. Although, lately your sense of independence is growing stronger. And you beam with pride when you complete those tedious everyday tasks, "all my self" as you would say. You are my outdoor child who loves to be near home. Exploring the neighborhood and learning to ride your bike. You are an observer of life and are always showing me the world through your eyes. There is a serious side to you that is balanced out with your sweet, goofy side. You place your hands on my cheeks and still give me kisses, just because.  All year, your favorite word is banana. We started a silly game where you will say goodnight banana and I respond with a different fruit like apple. We would go back and forth with different names and for some reason banana stuck. So everyone seems to be a banana, banana head, or banana goo-goo ga-ga. Brushing your teeth as never been a hassle. And you Iove to get your hair cut. As soon as your hair grows out just a touch, you tell me, "Mama I need a haircut, my hair too long". You will sit so patiently in the barber chair and perfectly still the entire time. And the hot towel at the end seems to be your favorite part. While your favorite bro-bro is Dominic, you and DJ always have fun together. You love your time at school and are learning so much. You can count in both English and Spanish. Aqua seems to have forever replaced the word water. Everywhere we go you are pointing out the letters of the alphabet and practice writing them on your own. You are able to spell and write your first name and just started to ask how to spell Mommy, Dominic, and DJ. Dr. Suess books (Green Eggs and Ham, 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Blue Fish, and Cat and Hat) are always a big hit for a bedtime story. We also like, When you Give a Mouse a Cookie. You will even finish some of the sentences in the story as I read the book. Every night you prefer to cuddle with me, and must have Dad right next to you.

And everyday, I wonder how did I get so lucky to have you as my son! Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy! 

Pregnancy Announcement | Greater Sacramento Area

Hey Mama! Welcome to the third boy club. It's going be ok and you are not alone in this journey. Speaking as a Mom to all boys over here! Now's the time to sit back and enjoy the ride. This mini session intended to document a pregnancy announcement; however, we took a slight detour and the outcome was more of a family session.  And I'm so glad that we did, they were absolutely adorable! So much fun, and lots of precious moment captured. A little dancing, belly laughing, fence sitting and lots of love! 

In-Home Newborn Session | Greater Sacramento Area

And just like that they were here. A couple of weeks after the maternity session I was right back at the house to meet these beautiful babies. This time Big Sister wasn't too sure about all of the fuss, and rightfully so, sharing the spotlight with twins won't be easy. Mom and Dad were champs though, patient and calm. They divided and conquer, or united as one unit with ease. And as far as the twins, they were just as adorable as adorable can be. Awake and alert for most of the session, engaging with Mom, Dad and Big Sister. Newborn sessions are always amazing to be apart of. There is a range of emotions from uncertainty to excitement with this new phase in life. A transition that unfolds right before your eyes, and I get to have the honor of capturing this very moment. (Take a look at the maternity session in the previous blog below)

In-Home Maternity Session | Greater Sacramento Area

Last summer this beautiful Mama reached out to me to schedule a maternity session just a few weeks before her due date. However, on the day of our session the summer heat reached triple digits; with a toddler, twins in tote and Dad's recent knee surgery we decided to move the photoshoot indoors. On this day I merged my passion for in-home lifestyle portraits with the beauty and excitement of a maternity photoshoot and fell in love with photography all over again. It was at this moment, I knew I wanted to shift my focus from the traditional outdoor locations and move my sessions indoors. For this new year I am so excited to offer in-home lifestyle motherhood and maternity sessions. 


Land Park is a great place year round, and during the fall season is no exception. Our warm fall evening and the colors surrounding the park complemented this gorgeous couple beautifully. She had an eminent glow to her that reflected in every photo I took, as he stood by her side proud and full of love. With a dash of humor and excitement throughout our session, I couldn't help but feel a tremendous amount of joy myself. Congratulations to you both on your growing family!


"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.. As long as I'm living, My baby you will be."

The Arboretum provided the perfect background for this beautiful family. So much love and connection, I am honored to capture this fleeting moment in their lives. With grace and beauty, her strength shined through. And before you know it, the belly will be no longer, and replaced in your arms a sweet baby boy you will hold. 


 Hi everyone! I'm finally here writing my first blog. Honestly, I am a bit (a lot) nervous posting, as I do not consider myself much of a writer. So, please bear with me through this treacherous journey as I continue to blog my photo sessions. One day this whole writing piece gets easier, right? 

As a mother to three boys, life can be a bit rambunctious, wild and crazy. Our world is full of energy, personality and sass.  In order to capture each of their unique charming personalities, I naturally fell into Lifestyle Photography with a dash of Documentary feel. Photography gave me a voice when I felt my words had fallen short. Capturing not just a pretty picture but a moment in time, a memory. An image that will provoke emotion and stir up all of your senses. My approach to the way I capture my family is the same approach I have when capturing yours. From my heart to yours, I strive to capture the very essence of your family's love, connections and moments together. 

Old Sacramento, Summers, Family Date Nights, and a little glimpse into the life with my three little muses. Love Always, Katrina.