Katrina Arundel

Brand + Lifestyle Photographer


(OK! So, I’m from California. But hey! We both have palm trees, am I right?)

Hi there! I’m Katrina, your Brand + Lifestyle Photographer & Mom to 3 wild + crazy boys. 

With all boys at home, (including my Husband and Dog) the answer is YES! Most days it feels like I’m living in a FRAT house!

Don’t worry though, I have mastered the art of embracing life’s chaos. And raising a family + managing a career + building a business- my life is nothing short of chaotic.

In today’s world of Social Media + Marketing & #allthethings Business; I empower entrepreneurs, creatives, and the all around Rebel Biz Babe to show up + stand out with their brand.

This is where my Business Life Sessions come into play. I thrive in the moments between perfection + chaos. It is in these moments where I capture your hustle + passion, and deliver a library of visual content with images that tells the story of your personal brand.

Brand + Lifestyle Photography